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Frequently Asked Questions

COINPLUS is a platform, which allows users to invest in private online and offline startups. Nowadays, there are more and more people who want to get into the investments market and make profits by investing in promising projects, but most of them do not have sufficient capital for large investments, so these investments remain risky. COINPLUS solves this problem by providing an opportunity for small and intermediate investors to invest in private startups.

Each user of the platform have an opportunity to register and invest in any provided type of business without huge investing experience, signing documents or any special requirements. Investment and funding of private companies became so simple as never before with COINPLUS.

Launched on May 22, 2024, COINPLUS represent a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and interact with money, offering unparalleled security and empowering individuals to create a better life for themselves and their communities. We are company registered based in the United Kingdom (PLUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, company number 14791376). Check our license here: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14791376

New users will be receiving a FREE 100 GH/s bonus on each accounts automatically. You will be able to earn instantly on your first log in WITHOUT deposit. Each GH/s (bonus and purchased) are active for 90 days.

At COINPLUS, we believe in lifelong Investing. Our Investment system is structured to run for long time and big or small investors. If you were looking for a platform that will secure and grow your investments for upto years, then you have found the right place! 

We are offering upto 5% daily interest/profit rate and you will be earning every seconds. No need to wait for hours to days/weeks for your interests and profits to arrive. You can easily monitor your earnings increasing every seconds through your account dashboard. The more amount of GH/s you have, the more FASTER your mining power and earnings increases.

Your daily profit amount will be displayed on your account dashboard. This is based on your current mining power (GH/s).

You can start with a minimum deposit of 0.0017 BNB. Minimum amount of GH/s to be purchased is only 149 GH/s and you can buy upto 100,000 GH/s  maximum per transaction. Deposits are processed and credited to account instantly after successful payment.

We don't have any minimum and maximum amount of withdrawal limits. Any amount on your account balance is eligible to be withdrawn anytime you want. Withdrawals are processed and sent to user's wallet INSTANTLY after request.

We welcome Faucetpay wallet users on our website. COINPLUS accepts all cryptocurrency available in the faucetpay.io platform for deposits and withdrawals.

We value our referrers, marketers and promoters to the highest level. Here at COINPLUS, we reward all hardworking users equally. We are offering 15% referral commission on our Referral Program. You will be earning commission for each of your referral's successful deposit. NO LIMITS and NO NEED FOR INVESTMENTS. 

BNB Free Cloud Mining | COINPLUS: https://bnb.coinplus.top/
BTC Free Cloud Mining | COINPLUS: https://btc.coinplus.top/
LTC Free Cloud Mining | COINPLUS: https://ltc.coinplus.top/
USDT Free Cloud Mining | COINPLUS: https://usdt.coinplus.top/
DOGE Free Cloud Mining | COINPLUS: https://doge.coinplus.top/

Being a public company officially registered in the United Kingdom, we are obligated to adhere to governmental requirements concerning our clients' investments.

The company has its own capital of $5,000,000 which serves as a safety net to cover potential risks. Every deposit made through our platform is insured by COINPLUS and comes with an insurance cap. Moreover, we were required to limit the maximum deposit amount to $100,000 as this is an insurance requirement.

Our company adheres to a stringent project verification and admission procedure, ensuring transparency and reliability in all dealings.

We are reviewed and rated FIVE (5) STARS 'EXCELLENT' by our miners on Trustpilot: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/coinplus.top

Licensed and Registered

COINPLUS is licensed to accept Investments under the trademark of PLUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED based in the United Kingdom.

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